Saturday, September 20, 2014

SRS Scrotal Skin Graft Technique

Scrotal Skin Graft is a  technique used for male to female sexual reassignment surgery. This type of technique use skin from the penis for penile inversion combined with skin from the scrotum (testicle sack) to make a neo-vagina , however in some male to female patients with insufficient amount of penile and scrotal skin is available they can use skin-graft donor in other parts of the body.

Cost of male to female srs scrotal skin graft:
The cost of srs scrotal skin graft technique is 157,500 Thai Baht or around 5,250 US Dollars

Hospital stay:
6 nights

For more information you may contact the information below: 
Line app: osias05
Whats app, viber: +63922977537
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